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  • Triethylamine(TEA)Triethylamine(TEA)
  • Triethylamine(TEA)Triethylamine(TEA)


HANGZHOU TONGGE ENERGY TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD is a national high-tech Chinese company integrating research and development, production and sales company in China. Triethylamine(TEA) is Colorless transparent liquid.

High quality of Triethylamine(TEA) from China at HANGZHOU TONGGE ENERGY TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. It is Slightly soluble in water, the aqueous solution is alkaline. Soluble in ethanol, ether, acetone and other organic solvents, mainly used as solvent, inhibitor, preservative, can also be used in synthetic dyes.

Product name: Triethylamine(TEA)

Other Name: Triethylamine;TEA;TRIETHYLAMINE;121-44-8;N,N-Diethylethanamine;(Diethylamino)ethane Ethanamine, N,N-diethyl-triethyl amine;Triaethylamin;Triethylamin;Trietilamina;N,N,N-Triethylamine NEt3;trietylamine;tri-ethyl amine;(C2H5)3N;MFCD00009051;N,N-diethyl-ethanamine;VOU728O6AY;DTXSID3024366 CHEBI:35026;Diethylaminoethane;Triethylamine, >=99.5%;Triaethylamin [German];Trietilamina [Italian] triethyl-amine;CCRIS 4881;HSDB 896;Et3N;TEN [Base];EINECS 204-469-4;UN1296;UNII-VOU728O6AY;triehtylamine

CAS No.: 21-44-8

EINECS No.: 2204-469-4

Molecular Formula: C6H15N

Molecular Weight: 101.1918

UN: 1296

Proper shipping Narne TRIETHYLAMINE

Class: 3

Package: II

subsidiary risk Class: 8

Specifications of the Triethylamine(TEA):

Application: Triethylamine(TEA) It is used in the manufacture of medicine, pesticide, inhibitor, high energy fuel, rubber vulcanization agent etc.

Packing: 150drum.

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